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Construction  progress

Document and share construction progress with owners and collaborators. You can easily add a link to your Project Management Software and allow anyone to view and walk through a digital twin of the job site!

Remote inspection

Save travel time with remote inspections. 

Now anyone on the project team can virtually step into the Jobsite and walk around freely while accessing the project’s most updated documents or submittals.


Speed-up subcontractor estimates by eliminating the need for site visits.

Accurate floor- plan and a measuring tool

Forget tape measures and paper sketches. Matterport can automatically generate detailed schematic floor plans displaying dimensions with 1% accuracy.

Create virtual punch lists

Communicate effectively by annotating the 3D model with notes, links, photos, and videos.

Increase collaboration

Share 3D models with project stakeholders. Resolve questions and concerns by virtually walking the property together. 


Digital Tagging

Use “Mattertags” to add notes, observations, and attach video/audio files for documentation such as operation manuals and specifications.


As-built creation

Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase. Replace lengthy manual measurements with an accurate and fast 3D scan. Then import the point cloud or.obj file directly into your BIM software.

**Works only for Interiors

Dimensiones 2.jpeg
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